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Water Scorpio has the power to put out Fire Leo. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs, which means each of you is quite loyal and possibly very stubborn! Both of you hold on to partnerships, so it is quite likely that your relationship will last long. However, neither of you is particularly flexible, and both of you are quite proud.


Jealousies and clashes of will are very possible with this combination. In partnerships where money is shared, how each of you spends money will likely be a big issue. There can be a lot of passion between you, as both of you have strong appetites, but the bedroom can be yet another battleground for you and your partner.

When you withhold sex, generally because you are feeling unloved or unappreciated, your partner takes it very personally. Despite the fact that you both have strong sexual appetites, there can be periods of abstinence between you. However, each of you will find much to appreciate in each other. Neither of you shies away from a relationship when it gets intense.

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This is an intense, often rocky, and passionate pairing. If you sense passion and commitment is missing or waning, you may go to any means often subtle to keep the relationship from becoming boring. This is because you can be somewhat addicted to emotional excitement. Neither of you is frivolous about committed relationships, and if you and your partner are committed to each other, this pairing can be hard to break. This pairing combines Venusian Earth your partner and Water you.

Problems generally arise between the differences in focus. Both of you are committed to making your relationship last, but your partner values practical expressions of commitment, while you value emotional ones. Subtle control issues may be the source of problems over time. As long as game-playing is kept to a minimum, this relationship has many strengths and much potential.

Both of you are focused on togetherness, albeit in different ways! Your lover, on the other hand, is most interested in companionship and outward expressions of togetherness.

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There is unquestionably an attraction between you. Although you are notorious for your mysteriousness, you can actually consider your Venus in Libra partner to be somewhat of a puzzle! You may find your lover to be emotionally distant and overly focused on superficial togetherness at the expense of intimacy. This fundamental difference can at once attract you to each other and be the source of some provocative difficulties in your relationship as time goes by.

Finding a common ground may not be obviously easy, but commitment to your partnership may be the strongest mutual goal. Often, it is a combination of both.

Scorpio Man's Best Match For Marriage (4 Signs Revealed) | Scorpio Men

Both of you are intense lovers, wanting emotional involvement more than anything from a relationship. You will certainly get it from each other, but Scorpio, perhaps more than most signs, needs a partner to complement, with enough differences to keep things interesting. Neither of you is comfortable with a partnership that is completely comfortable or predictable.

Your relationship will never get to that point. The only red flag here is that each of you needs someone to soften your sharp edges, and your relationship may be even too much of an emotional rollercoaster for either of your liking! If both of you are at an emotionally healthy point in your lives, and with understanding, you can certainly forge out a strong commitment.

Scorpio Sexual Compatibility: Obsessive and Intuitive in Bed

Passions will be strong, although stand-offs may be frequent and almost unbearable. If you make the time to appreciate each other, there will be considerable mutual respect and common goals in this relationship. The result can be awkward and a little messy, but can certainly work with awareness and understanding. You approach love relationships with intensity. Your partner is intense in a different way. He or she is a fiery lover, focused on action and the passion of the moment, while your passion runs more deeply and is considerably more emotional.

Experience is important to your partner.

Why Scorpio and Aquarius Are Attracted to Each Other

He or she does not always come across as constant with affections, and this fact can be frustrating to you. You can be somewhat possessive in love, but your partner chokes when he or she feels caged in. You may find your partner somewhat flighty and inconstant, and he or she may be bewildered by your greater than average need for intimacy.

Still, you will thoroughly enjoy the fresh air that your partner breathes into the relationship. Life is always exciting with a Venus in Sagittarius lover! Your partner will consider you astute and will appreciate your depth of perception. Jupiter Saturn Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius How will this planetary movement influence your life.

Will you get success in the near future?

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  • Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman: Nature Of Bonding The compatibility of Scorpio man and Gemini woman along with the combination of the Earth sign and the Water sign, may have a higher chance of being together, as a couple. The Scorpio male is ruled by the planet of Pluto, also known as the God of the Underworld, and it represents all that is pertaining to the subconscious mind be it death, demolition or intimacy. The Gemini female is ruled by the planet of Mercury, which is also known as the Messenger of Gods.

    The Scorpio man is warm hearted and caring in nature. Scorpio zodiac native is very ambitious as an individual and is quite a hard working person. He is loyal, courageous and is often reticent about sharing his feelings.

    Scorpio's Best Matches

    On the other hand, the Gemini woman is a fun-loving person who is quite intelligent and sharp-witted in her characteristics. She experiences varied emotions due to her twin nature. The water element in the Scorpio man makes him flowing and wavering in his essence, which gives him an adaptable persona. Whereas, the air element in the Gemini woman makes her intellectual and smart as a person. Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman: The Love Affair The Scorpio man compatibility with Gemini woman is a strange one where there is a lot of love involved along with some uncertainties as well.

    If the sun-moon aspects between them is affirmative, they will have a great relationship, but if there is no positive support on that note, then it may seem to be a difficult situation for them to click well. In the initial stages, he will find this woman really very charming and attractive which will enhance scorpio gemini relationship , but after some time, he may soon realise the importance of this humongous decision of being with her forever, and may start having second thoughts about it. It becomes really tough for him to back out once he has taken a decision, and thus before taking any serious decision about being together with her, he will reconsider the situation several times.

    She will really admire the strength and the will power that he holds which makes him a successful person. Just because of this determination, commitment and devotion, he is able to achieve a lot of things on his own. Thus, the love compatibility between Scorpio man and Gemini woman, will be favorable initially, which may fade away due to fear and lack of understanding.

    Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman: Level Of Understanding It is very important for both the Scorpio man and Gemini woman to trust each other, if they want to be together in a perfect and harmonious relationship. Who are you really dating? But wouldn't it be good to know when your date is most in the mood for love? Compatibility Star Ratings How compatible are you with your crush, date or lover? Check out how well you're likely to click in the seven key areas of love! Your Personal Love Profile Give your confidence a boost and let us tell you about your best points where love is concerned.