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Gemini are loquacious and loud and highly lovable especial after getting some MJ into the blood stream. Astrology can be an exciting and fun way to delve into your personality traits, that can help you determine the different ways in which your habits manifest, including the use of Cannabis! Reply Get 4. Sign Up. Being a cancer, the horoscope tyvm, I will gladly opt for an Animal Cookies experiment. Pretty sure we can binge other things like Animal Cookies. Click on the banner to joint the server: Joint us and let's start smoking! I'm a cancer.. Choose a fav indica and binge on Netflix,..

I'll take it! Stoner Astrology, that makes it more fun for sure. I am a leo but I am not bold, what a dissaster. I'm a libra and that fits well.

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I like we'll balanced hybrids but never tried a cbd. Characteristics: Intuitive, Compassionate, Moody, Imaginative. Cancers are steadfast, careful, and loving homebodies. Some might mistake your domesticity and introversion, but perhaps your biggest asset is your persistence and determination to get things done, and done right. As a water sign, you're known for being ambitious, which is why your ideal sesh finds you puffing on a joint bubbler to filter your expertly-rolled joints.

You'll begin to unwind as you focus on meticulously packing the joint with a strong sativa-like strain , like Super Lemon Haze. Once you've smoked, you're in the perfect mindset to kick back and enjoy whatever book you've been too busy to read.

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Let everything on your mind fall away and get lost in the pages right in front of you — you deserve it. As a Leo, you're a Fire sign and it shows. You know who you are, what you want, and you're never afraid to take control. You're loving, supportive, and optimistic. You shine like the sun and want others to shine, too. While you can come off as domineering or egotistical, your intentions are pure and full of love. Your deal smoke sesh includes your closest canna-buddies, and a good-vibe-inducing sativa-like strain to put everyone in a euphoric mood.

And it's loaded in a golden blunt wrap because your weed needs to be as regal and radiant as you. Indulge in a communal gathering full of laughs and great conversation centered around you. Characteristics: Discerning, Gentle, Shy, Analytical.

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You can't hide the fact that you're a Virgo, your quiet, thoughtful nature always seems to reveal this. You appear introverted, analytical, meticulous, and intelligent. And you're a workaholic. Virgos love solving problems and crossing items off of to-do lists. It's just how you are, and that's why your perfect smoke sesh has you methodically packing a mellow indica-like strain, Grape Ape would do, into your sleek, efficient one-hitter during minute breaks you've scheduled for yourself in-between tasks.

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Smoking and getting shit done — that's your idea of smoke sesh perfection. Characteristics: Diplomatic, Gracious, Indecisive, Just. The hallmark of any Libra's personality is balance, with the ability to think critically yet fairly, weighing things out, and eternally diplomatic. You're a highly social stoner who wants to converse with people who have a lot to say, and of course, wants everyone to like you. That's why your perfect sesh involves changing things up and connecting with your internal self.

Try smoking with the shades drawn with your favorite pretty, pink bowl packed full of a neuron-firing hybrid like Trainwreck , and the vast depths of your own consciousness. It's your time to be alone with your thoughts, put the outside world on pause.

Your journey to the center of your complex mind starts and ends here. Characteristics: Resourceful, Brave, Distrusting, Passionate. Scorpio, you're deep, driven, intense, and confident in your abilities.

1. Capricorns are a little too guarded for their own good.

You can't ever obtain enough knowledge; your brain is always digging to get to the truth of things, sometimes to the point of obsession. You're a leader and you know it, and that confidence lends itself to impeccable blunt-rolling skills. If you're by yourself, roll the perfect solo-blunt; if you have company, volunteer to roll a big blunt for the group. Aim for a mellow and thoughtful indica to bring yourself down a few notches, and get in the mindset to go deep. Systems, data, information, or complex schools of thought — nothing is off-limits for you, as long as it's not small talk.

Pack that blunt, put a little cherry kief dusting on top, and you will be in the perfect mindset to get totally engrossed in a documentary or the endless rabbit hole of the internet. Characteristics: Extroverted, Optimistic, Impatient, Humorous. As a Sagittarius, you're constantly looking for something exciting to do, and are painstakingly bored by consistency.

2. They know a little too much. Scarily so.

You crave change and adventure. You're rarely in a bad mood and bursting at the seams with energy, which is why your ideal smoke sesh includes a durable and reliable dry herb vaporizer. Whether hiking, running, or traveling the world, a vape is the perfect tool for your transient lifestyle. People smoke weed for many different reasons.

Some people enjoy the way it calms them down. Others only smoke during social occasions such as parties or get-togethers with friends. No two people are affected by marijuana in the same way. Sometimes, weed calms people down and gives them the munchies. Other times, it makes people paranoid and anxious. Since each of the zodiac signs has a different character, each sign is also affected by weed in a different way. Weed can make the traits of some signs stronger for example, nervous zodiac signs might become more nervous , or it can change their usual traits and make them act out of character.

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Aries March 21 — April Aries are known for being energetic and constantly active. They are impatient and quick. They are frazzled when they are high and they do things like rummage through drawers looking for activities to entertain themselves.