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In the physical plane we have the face of a human being, but if you inquire and investigate the face of any human being in the mental plane, everybody has a face of an animal, usually a bull. And we see the tail, which symbolizes the wrong way we use the sexual energy, which is called the Kundabuffer or the tail of Satan, which is developed when we manage the forces of the animal in the wrong way. This develops when we do not follow the rules which are written in all religions, and that is why we have to transform ourselves into a Perseus in order to go into the labyrinth, which is our mind.

The power in the center of the labyrinth is precisely the bull, the Minotaur, which is ourselves. We have to go there and to kill it. But for that we have to follow the rules which are written in a very wise way in this myth of the Minotaur. So behold here how everything is symbolized. If you conquer it, of course, then you become a holy bull. But you have to transform it. That is why ancient people knew that, and that is why they were worshipping the bull Apis, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the spouse of the divine cow, the Divine Mother.

And their son was the calf, or kabir, whose name was Horus. Taurus rules the throat. The throat is the area in which Taurus works. We find that this mysterious sephirah of the Tree of Life called Daath, Gnosis , knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat. Here you see Aurus, or Horus, with the Tau, the cross.

I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined

You can divide them also as Tau, the cross Tau, and Aurus: Taurus. This is the symbol of the Taurine mysteries which are now lost to most of humanity. Fortunately the Gnostic Church kept that, because everything, old wisdom, old knowledge, that was lost in this three-dimensional world, was not lost in the fourth dimension, it still exists. Maybe here, people will burn books, or destroy the wisdom of other civilizations, but that wisdom remains in the fourth dimension within the sacred temples of the White Lodge. The letter Tav or the seal, the cross Tau, is the symbol of the Logos.

Taurus or the symbol of Aurus. Aurus or Horus, the calf, son of Hathor and Apis, or son of Isis and Osiris, is the symbol of the forces of Taurus that we have to develop in our throat by the mysteries of Daath. When we talk about the sexual forces in relation with the waters, in relation with the body, we always have to pronounce the Word.

Here, in this three-dimensional world, we create with the power of the sex, but we have to learn, we have to develop and we have to reach the level of Gods. If we want to become as Elohim, creating like the gods, we have to know good and evil. We have to conquer the Tree of Knowledge, we have to conquer Lucifer, we have to conquer Behemoth, we have to take the stone, the symbol of the foundation of Yesod, and to kill Goliath with the power of our sex.

Goliath is that behemoth that everyone has inside; we have to do the work of David. David is a king. So you see here how Taurus is the symbol of the Word. The God created the world, the universe, the solar systems, the galaxies with the power of the Word, which is developed when we know how to transmute the sexual energy.

Esoteric Astrology – Taurus

When one is a child, one has a very, we will say, subtle voice, but when we enter into maturity the voice changes, and it is because from fourteen years of life to twenty-one, the third layer of the testicles create sperm, and hormones go into the level of the throat and we develop that grave voice of a man, a mature man.

The woman also changes her voice, within the feminine aspect. So here you see the relationship of the sexual glands with the throat. Obviously the Gods, the Elohim, the angels have that power of the Word. Remember that the Holy Spirit, I repeat, is related with the sexual glands and with the pineal gland, but also the sexual glands are related with all the glands of the human organism.

What is Clairaudience? It is the power related with Taurus, but that is a power that really has many levels, because it is in relation with Daath, which is knowledge. Objective reasoning is interrelated with clairaudience. The lectures that we give in relation with Gnosticism sometimes are very difficult to place in the English language.

Sometimes we apply Sanskrit, or Hebrew, or Latin, or Greek, in order to point to something that does not have a corresponding word in the English language. Here you can understand how the people degenerated in the ancient times when they did not control the bull, when they allowed their own particular Behemoth, their own bull, to control their life, the power of the Word, the power of the throat, was lost. And then the Tower of Babel emerged. The Tower of Babel as you know is the creation or the emerging of many languages in which people do not understand each other.

But the language, the word, is always related with what we speak. So you see how the word is related with objects, that is why it is stated that in the beginning God geometricized. It is already proved that when you record your words in a tape or a recorder, and if you observe that tape with a microscope you will see that your words are recorded in that tape with geometrical figures: Triangles, squares, circles, pentagons and different geometrical figures.

So when the needle, the magnetic needle, passes on top of those geometrical figures of the tape, you hear what you said or what somebody sang. So the Word is associated with geometry, and everything that is created, concretely created, is related with geometry. That is why we said that everything has a sound.

In ancient times before the emerging of all of those multiple languages that we speak in this planet now, humanity spoke only one language, and that is called the Language of Gold, or the Golden Language, and that language is associated with nature, is associated with the universe. When people were talking at that time and saying anything, that word, that phrase was associated with the forces of nature, that is why people were very careful to utter words, to say things, because that is the magical word that in this time we call mantras, prayers in which we control the forces of nature or control the forces of the cosmos in our favor.

In ancient times, the Lemurians knew this; they were in communion with nature, and the language that they spoke was related with the forces of nature. They had the power of tongues. That is the Power of Tongues. When they heard the sounds of animals, of the wind, of the forest, of the fire, they knew that that was associated with the forces and understood what was going on. But now we only hear sounds, noises, meows, barks. In Europe, there was St. And not only with animals, but they can be in communication with the forces of the universe, because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and with God.

And God is everywhere. So when you enter into the mystery of the Word which is Daath, the throat, then you enter into the mysteries of the Word, into the mysteries of Aurus, which develops because that force develops with the cross, with the Tau cross, with this symbol of the union of the man with the woman. That is the T, the Tau, and Aurus means the fire that develops that within you through the power of the mantras. That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor insisted that we have to practice mantras, vocalizations.

That is why in the sexual alchemy you transmute and you pronounce words, because the Word has power over the sexual forces. It is beautiful to see that. And from that comes the Taurinean mysteries. The Taurinean mysteries are those mysteries associated of course with Tauromachy, the domination of the bull in order to acquire the development of the throat, the clairaudience. Objective reasoning. As you see, objective reasoning is the way in which your reason is associated with the forces of nature and the cosmos, developing your inner Being, the microcosmos, and then you acquire the power of tongues.

Many initiates that acquired the power of tongues wrote sacred books. Those sacred books are written in different languages associated with the forces of nature, with the internal forces of the human being, with the Astros, with the stars. People ignore that. When you read the Bible for instance, you need to see what forces are associated with what is written there, because it is stated that that sacred language that we spoke in the beginning has its own grammar, its own letters.

The Nordic alphabet is associated with it, the Hebrew alphabet, the Chinese. These forces associated with the language. So that is precisely written by initiates, initiates that developed that power of objective reasoning and they wrote the books. In order to understand, to comprehend what is written in the Bible, what is written in the Koran, what is written in many other books, Sanskrit books for instance, or Buddhism, you have to develop at least certain percentage of the chakra of your throat, because it gives clairaudience.

Kether is the Father, Chokmah is the Son and Binah is the Holy Spirit that divides itself into two forces that we are studying here. The Holy Spirit is the creator, creator of life, and the destroyer as well. And Shiva is a creator and a destroyer. Shiva is associated with the bull in India, Parvati is the cow, his wife. And in every single religion you find the symbol of the bull.

But to sacrifice the bull as it is written in many aspects in the Bible is black magic, because you do not resolve anything by killing a poor animal that is in a state of evolution, in order to satisfy your own necessities. The bull that we have to kill, the Behemoth that we have to kill, is inside of us; it is our own animal nature. I have to kill my uncles? It is referring to what is inside of us.

All of those people that we have to kill, that we have to annihilate; defects, vices, errors, symbolized in different ways. And we do it with the power of the bull, but when we forget about that and we identify with the power of this materialistic world, then we worship the forces of the bull in the wrong way: The Golden Calf. The Israelites in the beginning were guided according to Moses in the right way, but in the end when he came back from mount Sinai, he found that they were no longer doing the work inside themselves, they were just worshipping the bull in the wrong way.

Trying to be greedy, because the power of the earth, the power of voice is also related with black magic, that is the Golden Calf. And then people forgot that the real work that we have to perform is inside. The Taurinean mysteries are the levels in which the human being develops objective reasoning in order to understand God.

Taurus Spiritual Astrology

You see? The power of tongues is not what in this day and age some sects of Christianity state, that the power of tongues is to babble words with no sense. I saw many times in TV people that are talking, and all of a sudden they pronounce something incoherent, and then they say that this is the power of tongues that the Holy Spirit is giving them; that is nonsense.

This is how people misunderstand the power of God. God is not making babbling, incoherent words in them. What kind of power is that? To be incoherent? That is useless. God is intelligence, so if you say that you have the power of tongues, then you have to give understanding, comprehension, and to comprehend what is written in the Bible and any book; that is the power of tongues. It could be developed in different levels, but in the initiation , in the Taurinean mysteries, the initiate wants to comprehend God, that is the goal.

They want to understand what God is, within them, and the only way to understand God is by developing objective reasoning, because that is what God wants, to create a being that will understand Him in order to utilize Him. That is why we said in many lectures that the Absolute, the Ain Soph, does not know itself, it is unknowable to itself, but he wants to know himself, and that is why creation exists: to acquire objective reasoning in order to know. Through the consciousness is how we know God, by fighting the bull, by developing ourselves, and then acquiring different levels of objective reasoning.

In the cosmos you find many levels of human beings that understand the meaning of the Word, the meaning of God. Let us start from above, from the top, in accordance with what we know; we are not going to state that he is the only one, but the only one that we know in the planet Earth, who had the highest level, that is in the top of the pyramid, in knowing God, is Jesus of Nazareth whose name is Aberamentho.

He acquired the highest level of understanding, of reasoning. He knows God in relation with the infinite. Below him there are other initiates that understand God in other levels, because we have to understand that the universe, the Word creates seven cosmoses. The first cosmos is called the Protocosmos and is located within the unknowable dimension. The Protocosmos is made by all the stars, all the suns of the universe, which is the foundation or the base of any infinite. Below the Protocosmos we find the Ayocosmos which is manifested, because I said the Protocosmos is not manifested, but the Ayocosmos is manifested.

There are many in Atziluth that have an understanding of God at that level, they are called of course Cosmocreators. Below that cosmos you find the Macrocosmos which is the cosmos that people talk more about. The Macrocosmos is related with other levels of understanding of God; there are many Beings that are at that level. Below the Macrocosmos you find the Deuterocosmos.

The Deuterocosmos is in relation with any solar system, any individual that has knowledge or developed understanding in relation with the solar system is an individual of the Deuterocosmos. Below the Deuterocosmos we find the Mesocosmos which is the planet Earth. Any planet in itself is a Mesocosmos, so if you acquire development and knowledge, the power of tongues in relation with your planet, you are a Mesocosmos individual. You know that in the Mesocosmos, in the planet or any planet there are many Microcosmoses. We call ourselves microcosmoses, but these microcosmoses are not developed.

Taurus Compilation

It could be developed in different levels. I said the highest level is the one that is at the top and the one who has acquired it is Master Aberamentho, Master Jesus of Nazareth.

Esoteric Astrology – Taurus

But below there are many levels. Here we are in this room, learning about this knowledge, and we have to start understanding, comprehending in our own level this wisdom, and for that we have to start developing the clairaudience which gives us that understanding, that comprehension. That is simple, just sense the vibration in your throat.

That puts in activity the chakra of the throat. Of course, any prayer is always related with the throat, and when you do that you are transmuting your sexual force through the throat, and the clairaudient power, the power of the tongues starts to develop, and then you understand more and more deeply the wisdom of God, not only written in the Bible, but in other books. And then when you read something, immediately you find if that is precisely something that was written by Moses or by the prophets, or something that a black magician put there in order to confuse humanity.

As I said, the chapter 29 of Exodus is not written by Moses, it was put there to sacrifice the bull. Only the black magicians sacrifice bulls. Still in India, they worship the cow and they respect it, and they know that if they want to sacrifice something it would be the animal within. Below the Microcosmos is the Tritocosmos, you see? Tritocosmos, Microcosmos, Mesocosmos, Deuterocosmos, Macrocosmos, Ayocosmos and Protocosmos, these are the seven cosmoses beginning from the bottom.

That is the confusion of tongues. So there are many people there that appear saying that they have the power of tongues, but really they have the power of the confusion of tongues. Just babbling words with no sense; that is not the power of the Holy Spirit, because we have to be in chastity in order to understand it. And this is how you develop the Taurinean mysteries. It is written that when you acquire the higher level or any level of the Taurinean mysteries, then horns of light appear on top of your head. Those horns of light remind us of the horns of light of Moses, or the silver horns of the Nordic gods that appear, meaning that they know what they do.

The power of Taurus. Do you recall, for instance, in this very moment it comes into my mind, the Tuva or the Tuvas. I think this is how they are called, these riders, the Cow Herds Those people that control the herds from one side to the other, they are in Texas, they are in many places, of course in Mongolia, there exist these cowboys.

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You see how they are called? The constellation of Taurus is very large with two well-known star clusters: the Hyades and the Pleiades. The brightest star in Taurus is the red giant Aldebaran. In Taurus that point of light then becomes a single emanating beam of light. Accordingly, the energy of Life takes shape by moving into form in Taurus.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign. The earth element represents substance. In other words, the physical realm. Consequently the esoteric purpose of Taurus is to maintain an unswerving single-pointed focus on the material plane. The four cardinal signs mark the beginning of a season. These are Aries spring equinox , Cancer, Libra autumn equinox and Capricorn. Next, the four fixed signs mark the peak of each season. Taurus is the fullness of spring. Leo is the height of summer. Scorpio is the peak of autumn and Aquarius marks the depths of winter.

Finally four mutable signs mark the changing seasons. In Gemini spring rolls into summer. Virgo watches summer turn into autumn. Sagittarius rolls autumn into winter and in Pisces winter rolls into spring. These are the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. The Taurus Symbol of a bull probably represented energetic qualities. For instance, strength, endurance, single-mindedness, and a placid, gentleness of spirit. As a result many traditions of bull worship emerged throughout the ancient world. Some were blatant celebrations of male power demonstrated by killing a Bull, for example the cult of Mithras.

In contrast, other traditions viewed Bulls as sacred. Therefore, in progressing forward to the future, we must understand what it is that we are actually leaving behind, how it got that way — and what is emerging NOW. Those who cannot or do not, will remain imprisoned in the sarcophagi of old ideas and broken dreams, clinging to nationalistic values that are not globally inclusive or informed, especially around geopolitical propaganda for instance.

We must make the effort to inform ourselves from diverse sources that contribute to an wholistic world view, aided by mental discrimination and an intuitive heart:. This leads inevitably to turmoil, over-stimulation, revolt and many other difficulties. The following passage from The Tibetan is about the idea of not polarising with either end of the news spectrum, in politics or religion; yet reflection and discussion is needed to remain free of illusion:.

They know exactly what they seek to do, and their plans are laid in such a manner that … they are discovering and bringing together the men of good will all over the world … they will cultivate the spirit of non-hatred, utilising every opportunity to emphasise the brotherhood of nations, the unity of faith, and our economic interdependence. They will endeavour to speak no word and do no act which can separate and breed dislike. Yet, disciples and initiates have been forced to come forth in the past to challenge the existing status quo and create revolution, with liberating results.

The French Revolution is one good example — overseen by the Count St. How then does one interpret the passage above in light of the many events that have occurred in the name of human liberty? There is a fine line between reporting world events in an intelligent and balanced way, as opposed to continually pointing the finger of blame, of what is wrong, driving the problem deeper into matter, without offered solutions. The latter constitutes many posts on social media and although solutions may not be offered, at least a greater general planetary awareness is being created.

There is another fine line to tread between the two approaches outlined in the passages above. The NGWS is composed of aspirants and disciples who work in the subjective or objective worlds — some direct more focus upon one or the other, others straddle both areas. First ray types are often drawn to work in the field of politics whilst second ray types leaning toward effecting subjective change. Group meditation is one of the greatest potencies. The following passage from a co-worker illustrates the dilemma of varying approaches:. What are we causing to grow? What are we spreading around that affects the thinking emotions of others.

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Do we energize problems and chaos and horror or do we present solutions and put light on earthly happenings by enlarging our thinking to include the spiritual perception of events. Now is the time to give it all we have to give … the world is waiting and our thoughts and words are powerful beyond belief. There is only so much toxic news that one can absorb — and everyone has a different threshold! One of the main problems that confront us today is even being aware of what is happening in one particular part of the world, let alone getting accurate and undistorted news about it; so there must be first an awareness created of world events, then it is up to the interpretative capacity of each person to incorporate that into the awareness.

TV news programs in particular are now very sophisticated in spinning cleverly slanted perspectives. Many of us do not have solutions to global problems, or are not in a position to directly influence those who can; but we have a great capacity to subjectively change the culture of the mental body of the planet.

And this is having a global effect that is precipitating constantly into human consciousness, transforming the thinking of millions and inspiring them to act upon their own piece of planetary service. Let us continue to stimulate the dialogue, the conversation — and strive in all the varying approaches to the One Work. One co-worker opines,. When we begin to see expressions of horror or disgust, etc. That men and women do this automatically without realizing.

Where can I get my hands on more of this stuff?! Facebook and instant messaging is a reactive medium. A lot of people find most of their news through their Facebook friends, so they often obtain a wide cross section of news that they might not have otherwise considered or been exposed to; then this must be filtered through the discriminating mind and intuition. But motives for posting by many is to raise awareness of something for which others may be completely oblivious, or apathetic about — especially if their diet of news is from the MSM. We have to also bear in mind the various levels of understanding on a broad public social media platform.

Everyone works at whatever level they can. This was the original thrust of the FB post — passing good quality information along, achieving clarity through exposure and discussion, so as to at least minimise the glamours of propaganda. Internet forums and social media, despite their limitations and abuses, lead to a greater global conversation that contributes to the expansion of the planetary mental body, generating greater understanding and invariably a more compassionate outlook.

Kama-manas is the default of most of humanity, hence the task of the NGWS is to inspire to higher thought. This brings up again the varying approaches — some servers will work in both worlds, leading others from the unreal to the real.

Esoteric Taurus: Your Key To Relationship.

Other servers will work entirely esoterically, building the new paradigm and ignore much of the maya occurring around them. Hence it assists the process of cutting through the maya of outer information by evoking the intuition, personal and group. That revolution of ideas, carried forward successfully, leads to the successful challenge of the status quo and the development of a more mature democratic system. Article: The hundredth monkey effect and the approaching revolution of unified consciousness. DK does say in the Blue Books how much we have to stay informed.

He also talks about the appalling propaganda that was rampant during the time when he wrote His books — as well as passive attitudes:. They believe—sometimes sincerely—that all that should be done is simply to wait for results to appear and for karma and destiny to fulfil itself. Then and not till then, all will be well. But they forget that karma fulfils itself in relation to the form nature upon which it expends its energy and that where there is a static condition and a quiescent attitude, the process moves but slowly; the life then within the form fails to experience the needed, forceful awakening; inevitably then there lies ahead a repetition of the process until the time comes when activity and response is evoked.

This then leads to resistance to the apparent karmic necessity and this brings about liberation. Only through resistance to evil and in this world period and in this kali-yuga, as the Eastern teachers call it, it is an essential basic attitude can karma be brought to an end. We have to make sense of this maya, to develop discrimination, to challenge the lying narratives that we are continually assaulted by on a daily basis, in increasingly insidious and sophisticated ways.

If we do not, then we simply join the ranks of the submissive masses who are being bent to the will of materialistic forces. Zuckerberg at the recent congressional hearings. The author favors Virgo rising, but as revealed at this link , there are several rectifications by astrologers, hence the rising sign is highly speculative.

Nevertheless, much can be gleaned from his horoscope and recent events. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is highly emphasised with five planets in Scorpio and three planets in Taurus! Taurus is known as a sign of acquisition for higher knowledge or of money and material things — or both. Speculative horoscope for Mark Zuckerberg.

Bill Gates, another tech billionaire, and at one time the richest man in the world recently displaced by Jeff Bezos of Amazon , also has three planets in Scorpio, sharing Saturn in Scorpio with Zuckerberg. Saturn in Scorpio is highly disciplined and focused — and ruthless in business, as Gates was renowned; likewise Zuckerberg — Mercury in Aries opposite Pluto in Scorpio, takes no prisoners! Bernie made-off with da billions…. Zuckerberg shares this Venus placement with Bernie Madoff made-off with the billions , who had four other placements in Taurus!

Madoff certainly qualifies for falling foul of the lowest material aspect, despite his high intelligence which Venus in Taurus confers. Madoff Leo rising admitted that his whole life had been a fraud when confronted by his sons, leading to long term imprisonment for his Ponzi schemes. The greed of Taurus is obvious with Madoff, but can we say the same for Zuckerberg? Has he also stolen billions through his collection of data that was sold on to thousands of corporations and companies?

As a brief aside, horoscopes must always be considered in terms of soul evolution. Aquarius rising Karl Marx — is an interesting case of an advanced soul who tried to create a system based upon greater fairness for humanity — caught up in the capitalist system. Marx had Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus, his theories holding that human societies develop through class struggle:. Employing a critical approach known as historical materialism, Marx predicted that, like previous socio-economic systems, capitalism produced internal tensions which would lead to its self-destruction and replacement by a new system: socialism.

Marx and Engels based their manifesto on a touchingly simple answer: authentic human happiness and the genuine freedom that must accompany it. For them, these are the only things that truly matter. Or was that just youthful arrogance at play? Is he as much a thief as Madoff, but in a more sophisticated way? And what about the Winklevoss twins from whom he allegedly stole the Facebook idea?

There is an interesting article by one of the people associated with Zuckerberg at that time. Well these are moral questions and Zuckerberg is young, approaching his 35 th year, when the soul bears a more pronounced influence upon the relatively matured and integrated personality. How much does one apportion benefit of the doubt? Might he transform into a Marx Zuckerberg?

Zuckerberg promotes himself as a philanthropist, but is this just simply tokenism that he has been advised to do for a good public face, rather than a deeper motivation to improve the lot of his fellow humanity? Perhaps, but he may not have had time to figure out what to do with his rapidly acquired fortune either.

And many rich people put in large amounts. Then one poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which amounted to a small fraction of a denarius. See the esoteric meaning of this phrase in the comments section below. The same questions may be asked of others like Jeff Bezos who is a notoriously tight-fisted Capricorn. Edward Snowden recently commented upon Facebook,. And of course, this leads to anther accusation that Facebook, like Google, is simply an information collecting and profiling mechanism for groups like the CIA and NSA — on behalf of the so-called Deep State. Has Zuckerberg sold out to these entities, consciously, wilfully and even greedily — careless of the ramifications?

Quite possibly and perhaps his latest astrological transits reflect karma catching up with him. Edward Snowden. Jupiter is the truth serum , revealing the hidden in Scorpio, as it has been since late in the lives of people like Harvey Weinstein. Since Nov. Scorpio is the healer and exorcist that eliminates the poisons. There could be many more revelations during this period, and the public may come to learn the full extent of the truth. It is obvious that Facebook is scrambling at the moment to make rectifications, if the notices posted by them are any indication.

Emma Briant. Its interesting to note that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby both have Mars in Scorpio — transited by Jupiter during their respective crises, Cosby recently found guilty. Jupiter has not finished with either of them either, making two more passes over their Mars positions between now and September Pell has Saturn in Taurus with moon in Scorpio opposite.

Transiting Jupiter will not be finished passing over those planets until October-November , perhaps reflecting an outcome by then. Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York was forced to resign in May due to allegations of choking sexual partners. Schneiderman has Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, and it was natal Saturn transited by Jupiter that saw his outing and exit. Morgan Freeman is the latest with Mars in latter degrees of Scorpio, currently aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is justice and Saturn is the law.

The question remains, if one were to give Zuckerberg the benefit of the doubt and that is a big stretch for many observers , will he respond to the higher influence of Jupiter in Capricorn, activated by transiting Saturn? Love is fallen and blinded when desire is rampant; desire vanishes when love triumphs. See for other vids on esoteric astrology and various previews to HHH. I have received many emails from people who have never been in touch with the Ageless Wisdom philosophy before, who are very keen to absorb more material on the subject.

By the way, several people have mentioned that English subtitles would be good to have with the English audio version because English is not their first language, or they are hard of hearing. If there is someone out there with the ability to English sub-title the video using editing software, please contact the author.