Leo love horoscope weekly 18 to 24 by tarot

Monday calls for responsibility, maturity and commitment. Are you willing to step up to that plate? If so, then you could see your plans take concrete shape and form as soon as the week begins. With Venus in the most probing of signs and Mars opposite Chiron on Wednesday the 9th, this is the time to take real steps to heal these old relationship wounds.

No use beating about the bush. What is it you want? What bugs you? Out with it! As Mercury connects with the eclipse points on Saturday and begins to slow down, this is the moment of truth. Start preparing now.

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Come Saturday the 12 th , Venus opposes Uranus and your heart is in for a shock! A no-strings attached attitude works best now. Be willing to give others freedom. Be prepared to act from a place of non-attachment. Make this a relationship of choice, not one of need. Or the third. Because they were never meant for us. They only came into our life to teach us something important.


And once we learn our lesson, they leave. Life makes them leave! So if you hold on to this wrong relationship, all it will do is prevent you from finding the right one. This week will be quite odd, Cancer. You will feel as if your entire world has been turned upside down.

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Allow the change to wash over you instead. You will be surprised by the insights you glean from this uncomfortable change. This week will be a bit stressful for you, Leo. But it will be all for something good. Something you have been working towards for quite some time now.

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So push through this rough patch and stay your jumbly emotions. Virgo, you are a practical person, as sure and dependable as they get. But this week, the Tarot urges you to let the other half of your personality breathe. The half that comes up with wild ideas and romantic spur-of-the-moment plans.

Let it come out into the light and shine. You will not regret it. Something in your love life will cause you a lot of anxiety this week, Libra. When that happens, sit down and breathe in deeply three times.

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Once those three breaths are over, focus on an object in your surroundings and observe its texture. Do this for a minute and you will find your mind calmer than it was before.

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That will allow your rational side to come through and tell you why your fears and anxieties are actually unfounded and have very low probability of coming true. And this week you will get a taste of that unfairness when something goes horribly wrong in your life. But you will not be able to see that until much later when the dust has settled and something good has come out of that bad place. Sagittarius, you know you were born to achieve something in this world.


And only you know what that singular purpose is. So focus on it. The truth is, people search for love because they are afraid of walking the path they were born to walk. So they distract themselves with relationship drama and singlehood woes. Walk the path you were born to walk.